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Age Related Loss of Pulmonary Function

Aging Linked to Social Status (2006)

Aging Resting Metabolic Rates and Oxidative Damage

An Aging Workforce and Accesible Technology

Anger Induced Heart Wave Changes Predict Future Arrythmias

Another Warning of a Retiring Workforce

Beta Amyloid Induced Learning and Memory Deficits (in mice)

Bone Finding may Point to Hope for Osteoporosis

Brain Training Claims Dismissed

But What if I Live?

Carotenoids May Imporve Brain Function in Elderly

Centenarians Depression Prone

CBT Helps Older Adults Reduce Worryin, Improve Mental Health

Dangerous Durg Combos Pose Risk for Elderly

Does Childhood Personality Predict Longevity?

Effectiveness of Pneumococcal Vaccine in Older Adults

Elderly Need More Sun Vitamin

Enhance Your Life as You Age

Exodus of Critical Talent Threatens US Companies

Fact Sheet on Older Americans

Gender Retirement

Half a Glass of Wine may Boost Life Expectancy by Five Years

Has the Trend Toward Early Retirement Reversed?

Healthy Wieght Link to Longevity

How Srong is your Grip

Investment Changes Dramatically over the Years

C-Reactive Protein May Reflect Aging

Link Between IQ and Risk of Death

Many Depressed Older Adults Lack Vitamin D

National Summit on Retirement Savings

Negative Views of Older People May be Bad for Your health

No Link Between Cognitive Decline and Socioeconomic Status in Elderly (2009)

Employed Persons by Occupation, Sex, and Age

Personality and Mortality Risk Across the life Span

Preparing for Baby Boomer Retirement

Prevention May Not Help Elderly (some drug therapies simply change the cause of death)

Red Yeast Rice Ameliorates Impairment of Memory adn Learning Ability (a study in rats)

A Retirement System in Transition

Resveratrol May Reduce Oxidative Damage and Increase Longevity

Small vs Large Company Retirement Survey Results (2006)

Sociodemographic and Psychosocial Factors in Childhood as Predictors of Adult Mortality

Researchers Find Sustained Improvement in Health in Experience Corp Tutors Over 55

The Age Wave: America's Retiring Workforce

The New Workforce Age and Ethnicity

Tipping the Balance Toward Longevity

Vitamin D Deficiency is Associated With Low Mood

Young Peoples Views of Aging Can Predict Their Future Heart Problems in Old Age


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