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A dose of concentrated fear helps overcome anxiety

AE Meuret et al - Respiratory biofeedback-assisted therapy in PD

Americans With Anxiety Disorders

Anorexia visible with brain scans

Anxiety and Panic Disorders Guide

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety hitting British workers

Anxiety Sensitivity in Children of Panic Disorder Parents

APF Anxiety

Be Afraid Very Afraid Especially if You Have Learned to

Concern over young smokers

Cradling to right shows stress

Depression and Anxiety Linked to Hypertension

EA Butler et al - The Social Consequences of Expressive Suppression

Easing Social Anxiety During The Holidays

Eating Disorders

FH Wilhelm et al - Characteristics of sighing in panic disorder

FH Wilhelm et al - Physiologic instability in panic disorder

FH Wilhelm et al - Respiratory dysregulation review

FH Wilhelm et al - Somatic symptom paradox

Fight or Flight Responses

Health Anxiety in Children

Implicit anxiety measure predicts cardio reactivity to an evaluated speaking task

Kids Suffer Anxiety Up To 6 Months Before Starting School

Loneliness makes you cold



NIMH Anxiety

Obsessives risk heart attacks

Panic Attacks Linked to Increased CHD in Younger People

Panic Attacks May Be an Independent Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease

Panic Origins Insight and Treatment

Political views all in the mind

Self Help For Those Suffering Anxieties Offered

Severe GERD Symptoms in Relation to Anxiety, Depression, and Coping

Smoking and Anxiety

Smoking increases anxiety risk

Strong link between smoking and anxiety disorders

Study On Fear Responses Suggests New Understanding Of Anxiety Disorders

The Science of Anxiety

What is Anxiety

What is Anxiety 2

Womb hormones lead to anorexia

Worry ups mens diabetes risk

WT Roth et al - High altitudes, anxiety and panic attacks







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