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Use this quick "Mechanic's Tool" to find out.

If you start to cross a street and see a car coming what do you do? Your mind identifies the oncoming car and shouts "DANGER," and you get back on the curb to avoid being hit. The "danger" from the car was real and could have resulted in actual injury.

The one thing you won't do is stand in the street with the car coming at you saying to yourself, "Oh my, there is a car coming. I'm so afraid. What happens if it hits me? My husband won't care. My children probably won't care. I might be killed, I'll be late for work, etc."

Much of our day is spent in just such a time-wasting mental conversations about things that are worrisome, but not actually dangerous. Worry is a process of our imagination. Our brain can't tell the difference between real and imaginary so our body reacts the same and we feel the same as if we were in real danger. This is also the cause of many of our serious health problems

When you begin to feel afraid, look around and ask, "Where's the car? Where's the danger?" If there isn't any "REAL" danger you can rest assured your feelings are simply the result of the "soap opera" conversation you are having with yourself.

Don't waste your precious energy. Change your mental channel from the "soap opera" to the travel channel, the shopping channel, or the cooking channel. Think about anything different and you will feel better soon.

If there is real danger, either run for your life or fight like your life depends on it. It may well.



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