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The Laws of Creation vs the Law of Attraction


When the Secret became available on the internet I watched it and then immediately ordered at least three copies to send to my friends who would grasp the concept. Since that time it has become so incredibly popular that my email box is often flooded by folks promising to explain the Secret to me in a way guaranteeing that even I can make it work to get rich quick. Some times when I read the emails I want to pull my hair out but then I remember I am just about bald so there isn't anything to pull.

The Secret DOES work and Abraham is correct. That being said however, approximately 94% of the people who have viewed the Secret can't make it work, and most of the folks promising to explain it are only repeating lines out of the movie.

Why is it so? How can the vast majority of us fail to make intention work in our lives? The answer is straight forward. There are three steps that come before intention in the process of creating our lives and 94% of us create enough negative energy in those three steps to automatically override our intentions and cancel them. These three steps counteract our intentions most of the time. BUT, we can learn to do them correctly and consciously so our manifestations are in line with our intentions.

Our innermost beliefs are thought processes we don't question. The power residing in our "Expectations" far exceeds that which we can apply to our intentions because our expectations are what we truly believe in our heart of hearts. We do not question those beliefs. If our expectations oppose our desires, our intentions will be cancelled by the greater negative energy. They also almost always take place automatically so we are not even conscious that they are at work fulfilling our beliefs and cancelling our conscious intentions.

The Secret depends upon our full and unwavering ability to hold a positive energy frequency in mind without any doubts. About six percent of the species can manage this and they are already using the Secret and were doing so before the movie came out. They are called goal setters and the 6% of our species who set goals are more successful than the other 94% who don't. It isn't actually the goal setting that makes them so successful. Their successes are powered by being so focused on a solution, and not on a problem as we generally are that they don't create the doubts and fears that interfere. This is indeed one of the most important thought processes used to assure success.

Most of the time when we want to make a change in our lives it is because we don't like what is happening, we are suffering. This is where Abraham is exactly correct. He says we get what we focus on. Donald Neale Walsh says the answer he got from God to his question, "Why don't you give us what we pray for," was, "I don't give you what you ask for. I give you what you call forth." What we truly believe is what we call forth. If we want to have more money because we don't like being poor, we just call forth more of the being poor that we don't like.

So how can we change the process so it will work as we want it to? It isn't rocket science and it doesn't require any special skills from other planes of existence or changes in vibrational status. We are already using them every day and most of us have a really good foundation but we don't know how to apply our good skills to the areas in our lives we really want to change. We also live in the here and now so that is where we will make the changes. We will investigate and master the processes we use to call forth our reality.

Each and every decision we make begins way down deep inside with a simple choice, dominion or dis-empowerment; there are no other alternatives. "After consulting our personal database of experiences and emotions, the first step we make in the process toward a decision is. "Am I empowered to make this decision or am I not? Do I already know what I am supposed to do, how I should react; or do I get to choose?"

Once upon a time I believed, "It doesn't matter what the question was because the answer was always "Love." That was before I understood the real nature of Love. Now I say, "The answer is empowerment." Why is empowerment more important than Love? It really isn't. However, we can't choose to live as Love until we are empowered and we can't truly be empowered until we accept the simple truth that we always have been, are now, and always will be absolutely empowered.

We may choose to believe the negative "stuff" in our lives is not of our own making but alas, the same exact process expressing our personal empowerment is at work behind the scenes, manifesting in our lives just what we are calling forth. Our empowered self is busy working. We have put the process on automatic, given our pre-programmed beliefs and negative emotions the authority to run it and then we get really upset because it works so well.

What we need to do is learn to become master of the process, not its slave so we can have the things in our lives that we desire and quit calling into our lives the things that cause us pain and suffering.

The Universe does not differentiate between imaginary thought creations and actually existing physical constructs. When you have a thought, your brain instantly jumps to create the biochemical state that is related to the thought. Energy follows thought. The more we focus on a thought, the more energy we instill into the process and the more likely it is to manifest. You are absolute cause, no matter where or what you are. The choice to be effect is still an expression of the cause you are and the power you have used to make the choices you have made.

The way our spirit works while embodied is not incredibly difficult to understand. Our ethereal bodies have four general aspects we can comprehend to a usable degree; Identity, Thought, Emotion and Manifestation. Identity, Thought and Manifestation are clear cut but, from a higher perspective, maybe not easily understood or accepted.

Identity is a statement of who we actually are and can be summed up as, "WE ARE DIVINITY." This is the message from the Masters who have lived among us and in whose names we have established the world's great religions. They have each tried to help us see and understand that we are each individual aspects of the Divine Infinite and capable of reflecting that infinite potential. That is what we are when we come into being in this physical world, we just have forgotten.

Desire, or thought, is straight forward because we all have them and we can do them easily. Most of the time we aren't really consciously involved in the process because we aren't thinking, we are simply reacting automatically to events going on around us. This keeps us stuck in our own personal soap operas and keeps us from being conscious of all the thoughts going on; thoughts that either facilitate the process or stop it in its tracks.

Many times we have conflicting thoughts about our desires. On one hand we may really want something but we also feel we don't deserve it, can't have it, shouldn't want it, or maybe someone else doesn't want us to have it. Sending out opposing signals cancels the energy so nothing can happen. We have to learn to control our thoughts to avoid this.

Controlling our thoughts is necessary, and sometimes even difficult, but it is a skill like all others and it can be learned once we accept our identity. If we continue to believe we are our thoughts and we are our body, we will continue to be stuck right where we find ourselves at this very moment.

Introspection is probably the most important aspect of the creation process because it is the key to controlling the positive or negative energy being attached to our desires. If we aren't aware and watching what is happening, how can we control that energy? We can't. Unless we learn to be introspective, we don't even realize there are opposing thought processes going on in our brains that can easily interfere with the creation process and bring it to a standstill.

Based in our personality thought habits, there are always arguments going on in our thoughts that are both for and against what we want. Being able to power intentions with purely positive energy is the only secret part of "The Secret."

To learn introspection, consider yourself to be an impartial observer. Begin by watching your own thoughts. If that is too difficult, watch other people and try to figure out why they are doing what they are. What thoughts are going on in their brains? What are the different possibilities for their choices? Once you can see there are lots of possible explanations for their behavior, apply this knowledge to your own thinking. All those possibilities you saw as explanations for their behavior, are parts of the thinking processes going on in your own brain.

Once we realize there are different possible explanations for each of our choices, it begins to dawn on us that there exists within us a process by which we decide what to think about and how we react. When we see that each of our choices actually have many options, we aren't far from learning that we can control the process instead of letting it control us.

Introspection may take a lot of effort in the beginning because our thinking is so automatic that many of us don't even realize how automatic we are, but it is worth every bit of energy we can put into it. It is truly amazing that something so simple is so important. Once you gain any ability to watch your own thoughts, you have also found the key to changing and controlling them.

Our thoughts don't even originate in our brain but that is a fairly recent scientific revelation. Until that was discovered, only advanced spiritual practitioners were aware the Thinker was separate from the thought. This error continues to be one of the major stumbling blocks to progress for most of us.

Thoughts are tools for living in this physical world. They can be separated roughly into the following groups: names, forms, functions, descriptions and emotions. Just as a Mechanic "uses" tools but is separate from the tools, the "mind" is separate from the thoughts but uses thoughts. Once we can grasp this concept we are on the way to mastery of all the other processes because we start to control and use thoughts not just be controlled by them.

Emotion is the energy we put into the process to bring about the manifestation. The more energy, and the more focused the energy is, the more likely the universe is to produce just what we ordered. The Universe does not qualify, either in a positive or negative sense, the energy we put out, we do. Whatever we desire to manifest, even if our thinking process is functioning on automatic and thinking garbage, the universe begins working to make it so.

As humans, we tend to put lots more energy into negative emotions. Think about rage and depression. It takes a huge amount of energy to maintain those states. Have you ever seen anyone express the same amount of energy as Joy or Happiness? We can be happy for minutes, sad or angry for months, and fearful for a lifetime.

That we each have "inner saboteurs" is not difficult to accept. Many people have a vested interest in keeping their soap operas because what they get out of them is somehow valuable to them. Chronic pain, for example often develops as the reason that allows someone to avoid doing something they don't want to do anyway. Most chronic back pain is unresolved anger or anxiety and getting rid of the negative emotion also gets rid of the pain. The sufferer couldn't say "no" any other way, so the pain was the actual manifestation of the desire to say "no". When we have pain in our heart or our mind, it will eventually manifest itself somewhere in our body as real physical pain.

Manifestation is our world as we understand and perceive it. We are always manifesting. We are always using the power of our higher Being to create and interact with the world we each currently have. If we desire a different manifestation, a different world, we need to consciously change our desires and learn not to sabotage the process.

How we Create

During the process of creating our "individual" worlds and realities, the following steps are required. We each are constantly using them to bring into existence the chosen manifestations of our Desires or Thoughts. Identity and Thought have already been covered above.

The Empowerment Part of the Process

Desire (Thought, concept) (something to experience)
Identity (Capacity to make something happen) (Can I actually do this?)
Authority (Ability to make something happen) (May I do this? (responsibility, accountability)
Validation (Acceptability, allowability) (More issues of self and/or worthiness of goal)

Authority can be understood as the realization that we are in charge of our life. We are the captain of our ship and the master of our destiny. Choose whatever metaphor that works to help you understand the point as long as it means that you, and you alone, based on your internally generated reasons, are the one deciding you desire something to happen and it will happen simply because you call it forth. No outside help or interference is ultimately involved in your decision.

Validation is simply and objectively determining that your Desire will not result in loss or damage to yourself or another.

We are always empowered because we are always manifesting, and it is always what we expect, not always what we want, but what we expect and call forth.

The Manifestation Part of the Process

Intention (creates a path between our desire and its manifestation)
Will (Emotion) (power and energy for increasing the tension) (enthusiasm) (dread)
Manifestation (Goal of desire)

Intention is the direct and uninterrupted connection between a desire and its manifestation. It is basically the prepared order we have placed with the Universe for manifestation. Intention never fails to produce exactly what it was designed to produce.

This point is the one many are, shall we say, a bit reluctant to accept. Some are frankly hostile about it. If it is this simple, they ask, why is my life in the toilet? Why can't I manifest the things I want? Many reject the notion that the disaster known as their life is of their own making. Close, honest and objective investigation of our choices in each part of the process will unerringly yield a traceable path from Desire to Manifestation for each decision we have made.

The usual reason for mal-manifestation is that we have actually left out three steps in the process; identity, authority, and validation. We have jumped straight from a reactive thought, which was an automatic reaction to something, to the unquestioned intentional powering of our belief in that thing. This can only result in manifesting more or less the same type of thing. We have unconsciously triggered the manifestation process by this automation process and the universe is simply responding to the power put into the process and manifesting our intention.

Thought >>>>>>>>>>Intention >>>>>>>>>>> Manifestation

A good example was shared with me a few years ago by a young woman who really did not like eggs. The smell of eggs made her nauseated. When we explored the parts of the process leading up to the nausea, it turned out that, as a child, she didn't like eggs but her mother would spank her if she didn't eat them. Thus, the reaction she had to the smell of eggs cooking was automatic enough to bring about her usual reaction.

The automaticity of the process is the aspect we must change if we desire to gain control of the process and manifest a different world. We cannot wish for one thing and believe another and still expect the wish to come true.

In one way, the automated process is easier than being consciously involved in the process. We have no doubts as to the workability of the process because we use it all the time and it functions as designed. Our individual worlds are the exact sum of our beliefs. The automatic reaction triggers the emotion and yields the habitual manifestation.

The other reason intention often fails to bring about what we think we intended, is that we sabotage the process somewhere along the line by having doubts from the beginning or we begin worrying when it does not happen immediately. Personal issues regarding our Identity, Authority or the Validation part of the process will have used the actual beliefs we have and not the ones we consciously desire.

If we desire a different manifestation, say more money or a better job, we must learn to successfully complete each step because all of the steps are required. We do need to understand our motivations for desiring what we desire because, as in the case of money, it probably is the comfort and security that material wealth symbolizes and not the actual cash. A crystal clear process, without doubts or misunderstandings is required for the process to yield what we desire.

We must also practice non-attachment. This is learning to get to a frame of mind where we can allow the creative process to unfold without interfering with it by creating barriers based in our personal doubts or fears. Non attachment is learning how to maintain a state of mind in which we are not emotionally interfering in the outcome of the process. This allows our consciously chosen intentions to be expressed and gives us the opportunity to experience a world of marvelous variations.

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