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A Dangerous path to Addiction

Adderall Pulled in Canada

ADDitives and ADHD

ADHD Drugs could stunt Growth

ADHD Drugs Outselling Antibiotics in Kids

ADHD Drugs - Higher Sudden Death Risk

ADD Linked to Video Games

ADHD - Meditate Before you Medicate

ADHD Play Video Games as Part of Treatment

ADHD Drug Spending Surge in Young Children

ADHD Drugs Can Cause Hallucinations in Some Kids

Adult ADHD Linked to Lost Work

BBC News Report - "What's Next for Craig?"

Children, Video Games, and ADHD

Cognitive Deficits in Children with ADD ADHD

Cognitive Therapy as an Alternative to ADHD Drugs

Delay in ADHD Childrens Brains

Drugs for ADHD Not the Answer

Europe-Wide Food Color Ban call

How Common is ADHD?

Hyper Girls Struggle as Adults

Link Between Hyperactivity in Children and Certain Food Additives

Link Proven Between Sugar Consumption and Hyperactivity, Mental Disorders in Teens

Meditation May Fine Tune Control Over Attention

More Adults, Fewer Children on ADHD Drugs

Neurofeedback is An Evidence Based Treatment for ADHD

NIMH ADHD Medication Report

Non-Medicinal Interventions for Young Children with ADHD

Omaha Shooter Robert Hawkins had been Treated for ADHD (Biased but lots of valid links)

Parents Warned of Additives

Ritalin Causes Brain Changes in Reward Area

Soft Drinks, Hyperactivity, and Mental Distress

Soft Drinks and Mental Problems

Teachers as Sickness Brokers for ADHD (PLOS Medicine Article with Lots of References)

A Treatment Study of Children with ADHD (US Dept of Justice)

Whose Prescription Is It Anyway?


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